1. mothership, feeds

    reeling and writhing (alive again, and going to stay where it’s been put from now on.)

    I came over here for a shakedown, went back there for a bit, and now I hover between the two like any Internet fool. 

    The pros of Tumblr? Fast clipping and reblogging. The cons - only searchable by tags, so make sure you tag ‘em good. 

    To search Mulberry Road effectively, click on a tag or two, or enter some in the searchbox on the Archive page. (Probably easier to hit the random button, IMHO.)

    The pros of Typepad - costs money but is fully searchable. (Wordpress does the same, for a few ads. But reeling and writhing is archived by the National Library, so I will let it stay where it is in the interests of Internet friendly linkiness.)

    Amusez-vous bien.